Your Body Is Speaking. Are You Listening?

Our bodies are constantly communicating to us, but far too often we aren’t listening, or we misinterpret what we see and hear. Things get lost in translation; our wellbeing is lost in misinterpretation.

Did you know that “mind-body connection” isn’t just a buzzword? It is actually a process going on in your body right now! The “mind body conversation” is the endocrine system – the mind (the hypothalamus and pituitary gland located in the brain) and the body (the chemical cascade of the hormonal conversations throughout the body between your glands and your organs). The endocrine system acts as a communication tool for the human body, working in tandem with the nervous system to communicate with the body’s other internal systems. Hormones act as chemical messengers within the body, telling it to perform specific physical and mental functions. So, no, hormones aren’t only in women!

When Communication Is Off We Experience
Things Like:

• Difficulty waking in the morning
• Feeling unrested even after a good nights sleep
• Fatigue
• Feeling “wired & tired”
• Anxiety or nervousness
• Brain fog
• Difficulty concentrating
• Sugar cravings
• Poor digestion
• Increased belly fat
• Stress
• Difficulty falling or staying asleep
• Low sex drive
• Decreased fertility – Miscarriage/Infertility
• For Women: PMS
• For Women: Irregular or more frequent menstrual cycles
• For Women: Heavy bleeding
All of these symptoms are inhibitors to fruitfulness and productivity.

As a holistic health and wellness coach, one of my goals is to restore proper functioning of the mind body conversation. My desire is to help you tune into your body, interpret its needs, and respond in a manner that your body can receive, translate, and begin to restore wellbeing.

I support individuals to make healthy choices, unique to their individual nature, that result in overall wellbeing, fruitfulness, and productivity in mind, body, and spirit.

It’s not about finding balance so much as it is about finding the proper response. When you think about balance, you think about scales equally weighted that ultimately result in stillness. When it comes to wellbeing, it’s more about your responsiveness, not your stillness. It’s about your ability to be flexible and your ability to prioritize appropriately. Things are constantly going to be thrown at you, seasons are always changing, and things are constantly in flux. There will always be work to be done, emails to answer, plans to be made – but the goal is to be able to adapt to all of it with ease and grace – and remain in optimal health.

As your pollinator, wellness strategist, and holistic health and nutrition coach, I will support and guide you in cultivating a healthy, whole, and well-lived life that you can sustain. I will be “buzzing” by your side, and together we will create a unique and customized seasonal strategy with practical and tangible tools (resources, recipes, educational tools, etc.) that will seed your soil.

Health coaching programs are the most effective way to reach your health and wellness goals, optimize your nutrition and lifestyle plan, and create long lasting improvements and modifications to produce good fruit in your life.

“Out of your soil will grow plentiful peace,
wholeness, health, wellbeing, and prosperity.”

– Bianca Patterson

Holistic Coaching Programs

Be Made Well

This is our foundational program – supporting you from the
ground up. This program is for those just getting started with
limited knowledge of health, wellness, and holistic living. It is for
those who are commencing in a life well lived.


Hormonal Wellness

This is a targeted program for hormonal wellness. This program is
offered for those who have already began to bear good fruit. It’s
geared toward those who would like support and guidance in a
specific area of health or hormonal balance.


Fruitful & Fertile

This package is for women – promoting wellness for women
throughout all stages of life. It was created with the understanding of
a woman’s physical uniqueness. This program is geared toward
developing a greater awareness of your body’s needs at whatever
stage of life you find yourself in.


The Essentials

Create your own Eden. Tailor your atmosphere to care for yourself
in mind, body, and spirit. Essential oils not only have the power to
promote overall healing but to also nurture and preserve our
health and wellbeing by simply breathing them in and applying
them to targeted areas of your body.


Wellness Testing

Genomic Wellness Plus Test

A More Personalized Approach for Wellness Planning.
This test covers over 160 DNA changes. The Genomic Wellness Test is the most affordable, scientifically up to date, and comprehensive analysis. Includes comprehensive action steps to assist with a personalized optimal wellness program.

Nutrigenomics Test

A More Personalized Approach for Nutrition
This personalized genetic tool translates genomic data into practical lifestyle and nutritional recommendations that are rooted in science and medical research and geared toward helping achieve optimal health and wellness.

Microbiome Test

A More Personalized Approach for Digestive Health
This Microbiome analysis gives you access to leading edge DNA sequencing technology. Your practitioner is able to use this information to understand how your diet and environment could be affecting your bowel flora and health in general.

IgG Food Allergy Test

Analysis of patient’s blood serum using ELISA method against 90 individual trigger foods to determine whether delayed food allergy may be present.

IgG Food Allergy Test

The Most Comprehensive IgG Test Available
Analysis of patient’s blood serum using the ELISA method against 270 individual trigger foods to determine whether delayed food allergy may be present. Includes IgG Candida Screen.

IgG Food Allergy Test Vegetarian

Analysis of patient’s blood serum using the ELISA method against 90 vegetarian and super-foods to determine whether delayed food allergy may be present.