Genomic Wellness Plus Test

A More Personalized Approach for Wellness Planning

Our goal is to reduce the risk of many of the most common health issues that affect us as we age.

When your body is healthy and has access to the nutrients it genetically needs, you typically:

o Age more slowly
o Experience a higher quality of life
o Feel less stressed
o Suffer less with unhealthy conditions


o Your practitioner will be able to design a specific nutritional program for you.
o It will enable specific preventative health strategies to be used for long term health.
o It will enable better weight management and understanding of your specific dietary needs.
o It will assess your genes involved in anti – oxidative defense.
o Inflammation has a key role in chronic diseases. Your inflammatory response will be evaluated to
reduce your risk of various diseases.
o Find out how well your body detoxifies environmental toxins. Reduce your toxic burden.
o Understand your hormone metabolism pathway.
o Understand your stress responses. Learn to manage mental and environmental stress in your life.
o It will assess your genes involved in anti – aging process.

Test Includes 160 Personalized Genetic Variations:

  • o Lipid Metabolism
  • o Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
  • o Carbohydrate metabolism (AMY1)
  • o Anti-Inflammatory cytokines
  • o Pro-Inflammatory cytokines
  • o Blood Pressure
  • o Sodium sensitivity
  • o Caffeine metabolism
  • o Lactose intolerance
  • o Gluten intolerance
  • o Fatty acid metabolism
  • o Phase I and Phase II Detoxifiction
  • o Methylation, Folate and Cofactors
  • o Homocysteine – methionine pathway
  • o Choline metabolism
  • o Thyroid and Hormone receptors
  • o Acetylation biomakers
  • o Transulphuration Pathway
  • o Glutathione metabolism
  • o Oxidative stress
  • o Antioxidants
  • o Amine metabolism
  • o Clotting Factors
  • o Neurotransmitters and mood
  • o HPA axis and stress response
  • o Circadian Rhythm and Seasonal Variation
  • o Iron stores
  • o Weight Management
  • o Microbiome Health
  • o Sports and Exercise
  • o Vitamins – A, B2, B, B, C, D and E
  • o Omega 3 and 6 Blood Levels
  • o Co-enzyme Q10 Metabolism

Cost: $420.00 + $300.00 (One Hour Coaching Session)

$720.00 / month

REQUEST MORE INFO*This Genomic Wellness Test can only be ordered by an accredited Healthcare Practitioner.



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