Fruitful & Fertile

This program is for women – promoting wellness for women throughout all stages of life. It was created with the understanding of a woman’s physical uniqueness. This program is geared toward developing a greater awareness of your body’s needs at whatever stage of life you may find yourself. Whether you are prepping for pregnancy, newly pregnant, or simply want to get back to feeling like a radiant powerhouse, this program is for you.
Our bodies were created and intended to live in a cyclical and rhythmic flow.  Understanding and tapping into it can provide you with a powerful internal monthly plan. Learning how to follow your own cycle and rhythm will help you to live out being healthy, whole, and well.
This program is specifically tailored to each woman and their unique needs and specific goals at the current time. One woman may be looking to boost her fertility.  Another woman may desire a healthy meal plan and weight management for herself and baby throughout her pregnancy.  While another woman may be looking to lose weight, increase her energy, and improve her mood and her skin. Whatever the case, we are here to help you become fruitful and fertile by using foods, supplements, and healthy lifestyle techniques structured around your unique rhythm in order to create sustainable wellness.


  • Two 50 minute (one-on-one) coaching sessions per month, for 6 months
  • Full nutrition and dietary assessment
  • Full lifestyle assessment
  • Individual goals and recommendations
  • Grocery shopping tips, tip sheets, and handouts that are beneficial for your progress

$600.00 / month for 6 months




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