Bianca Patterson is a visionary, speaker, published writer, transformational health leader, wellbeing strategist, innovative thought leader, and spiritual and cultural architect.  She is a leading expert in nutritional health and seasonal wholistic wellness. She carries a grace to discern destinies and deep insight into times and seasons, and their dispensations over this generation, movements, spheres, industries and nations.  Bianca is the creator of Fertile Soil, a premiere wholistic wellness and seasonal lifestyle brand that offers transformative and regenerative wellness services and products, and curates faith-based wellness retreats to enhance the mind, body, and spirit. Her wellness mantra is: “It’s nourishing to be where God is, it’s dangerous to be where God use to be; and perhaps even more of a threat to be caught in between. Live in season!”

Best Fit Audiences:

Women ages 25-44
Family Planning/Fertility
Women in Business
Wellness Enthusiast
Women of Faith

Signature Speaker Topics


What to Do When Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect: A holistic approach to infertility

Stress & Anxiety

Unraveling the Unraveled: Practical living for the overworked, overscheduled, and overwhelmed


It Takes Guts: The mind-body connection between hormone health and your digestion


Growing a fruitful life that feeds and nourishes you in mind, body, and spirit


Seasons Come, Seasons Go: Healthy cooking and living for transitional wellness

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Bianca is happy to customize a topic that best fits your specific audience


As a Seasonal Wellbeing Strategist, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Board Certified Health Practitioner, Bianca specializes in teaching and coaching on wholistic hormonal wellness and the use of nutrition and lifestyle modifications as an antidote to stress and overall healthy living.  She combines her commitment to health and wellbeing alongside her professional business experience, to create a tailored program in assisting her clients towards hormonal wellbeing, managing stress in the workplace, developing personal resilience and disease prevention, and cultivating a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  Her sweet spot remains in working with women through their own rhythmic cycles, whether they are at the beginning stages of family creation or just in need of general hormonal balance. Bianca, inspired by her own personal fertility journey and her natural desire to connect and reach women, currently serves women across the nation with a more wholistic and personalized approach to care through their varying seasons. If finding your rhythm for peak wellness and fruitful living is of interest to you, Bianca is the woman for you to know! Aside from her amazing ventures, Bianca is also currently penning her first fiction book and wellness cookbook, scheduled for a 2021 release.

Bianca is married to her college sweetheart, 10 year NFL veteran football player, Mike Patterson. They currently reside in Orange County, California with their two dogs, Cyrano and Chen.

If you are searching for the keys to fruitful living, you are in for a real treat. And if you happen to think that wellness is a difficult feat for the “everyday” individual, you are in for a beautiful awakening. Bianca is sure to bring the answers for a life made well.


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