Bianca Patterson is a Wellgineer ™, Imagineer ™, corporate well-being consultant, visionary, speaker, published writer, transformational health leader, well-being strategist, innovative thought leader, and spiritual and cultural architect. She is a trusted authority in the area of genomic wellness solutions, health-supportive nutrition, and seasonal wholistic wellbeing. She carries a grace to discern destinies and deep insight into times and seasons, and their dispensations over this generation, movements, spheres, and industries.  Her mission is to connect the dots between well-being and impact; to build a path for a healthier future for all.  Her genuine actions merge the two platforms of wellness and sustainability to promote personal and social health and the health of our planet.  Bianca is the creator of Fertile Soil, a premiere wholistic wellness and seasonal lifestyle brand that offers transformative and regenerative wellness services and products, and curates faith-based wellness retreats to enhance the spirit, soul, and body.

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Signature Speaker Topics

What to Do When Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect: A
holistic approach to infertility

Unraveling the Unraveled: Practical living for the
overworked, overscheduled, and overwhelmed

It Takes Guts: The mind-body connection between
hormone health and your digestion

Growing a Fruitful Life that Feeds and Nourishes You
in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Seasons Come, Seasons Go: Healthy cooking and living for
transitional wellness

Bianca is happy to customize a topic that best fits your
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From vision, to strategy, to regeneration and resilience, Bianca is graced to reveal possibilities and opportunities and produces catalytic transformations. She shapes and creates better experiences for human beings; challenging your collective thinking about the way things are–and the way they could be.  She brings a synergistic alignment to the rhythms of the heavens and the rhythms of the earth.  Her uncanny ability to bring connection of disparate and sometimes seemingly unrelated dots together to create a plan that solves problems and reveals opportunities is both inspiring and transformative.  She delivers a fresh perspective and inspiration to think about the challenges you’re tasked with solving in new ways.  She helps you to draw parallels, frame potentials, and communicate opportunities in ways you otherwise may not have.  Bianca possesses the acumen to understand not only how things work today, but also the imagination and the optimism to envision how it might work better tomorrow. She offers clarity and order to your processes; making the incredibly complex feel simple.  She delivers expertise and custom solutions that strategically connect the dots between social value (the changes we create in people’s lives that affect well-being), social impact, and environmental stewardship in order to create positive outcomes (simultaneously) with multi-beneficial results. Bianca helps you position yourself in the transformation in a way that corresponds with your purpose, creates a strategic advantage to drive long term success AND facilitates a synergistic and holistic alignment.  Bianca always ask the “WHY” from a wholistic perspective to substantiate or correct the “WHAT” in order to teach the “HOW.”

If you are searching for the keys to fruitful living, you are in for a real treat. And if you happen to think that wellness is a difficult feat for the “everyday” individual, you are in for a beautiful awakening. Bianca is sure to bring the answers for a life made well. It’s time for you to “Think of the possibilities!” and “Live from the fullness of your redeemed potential!”

Healthcare Practitioner: nutrition certifiedhormone certifiedPURE Genomics certified
Member: Independent healy world member

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