“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Bianca Patterson for nearly 10 years. During that time I have witnessed things that I thought would never happen to me. While in Bianca’s presence, she has literally opened a spiritual door way to God. I have experienced God on a level I had always hoped to and I 100% credit Bianca for that. I have managed to learn where I’m at and how to start making changes towards living my best life. The encouragement I receive from Bianca in regards to my spiritual growth and physical health has been life changing, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Bianca’s spiritual depth and understanding has been such a blessing in my life.”

Therese Williams | Celebrity Makeup Artist

“God blessed me when I met you today. It was really wonderful to have a conversation with a person like you who has not only nutritional knowledge, but more importantly, the compassion and patience to listen.”

– Carla Zolnowski

“I no longer hurt myself, I am free, I am fertile soil.”
“I was hurting. I had told myself more times then I can count, “Tiffany you are okay.” I was filled with a pain that I could not shake. I was sad, depressed, confused. I was just existing, an empty shell of myself, and faking it until I made it become the norm. Words of affirmation fell on deaf ears. They would say, “Tiffany you are so beautiful,” “I love your smile,” “I wish I had a marriage like yours,” “you are such a great mom,” “you look amazing,” “I love your energy,” “I wish I had your discipline.” I felt like a fraud. I was hurting and I began to harm myself.

Three days with Bianca changed my life and the Holy Spirit met us in Charleston, SC. I was challenged. I was pulled out of my comfort zone. I stopped looking at myself and let go of the pain that was weighing me down into a sunken place. I was elevated to a more intimate connection with my Father. I could see, feel, and hear again. All my “can’ts” in the spirit became an “I can,” “I am,” and “I will.” In that room I was renewed, old things ripped and torn from me. I left with a clarity knowing that the anointing that God put on my life is greater than myself. Bianca Patterson, my sister in Christ, saw me and knew me. She was in agreement with the calling and purpose that God had on my life. Her love and faithfulness to the word of God has blessed me. Her unwavering love for God and her obedience to the charge and purpose He has over her life has poured into me and healed me. God picked me up as His child, he carried me. God met me right where I was in that moment and let me know I am to BEHOLD. I have been healed and delivered. I no longer hurt myself, I am free, I am fertile soil.”

– Tiffany Nicole Tapp | Realtor, Fitness Enthusiasts
National Fitness Competitor, Personal Trainer, and Wife of NFL Veteran Darryl Tapp

“Thanks my dear friend for
getting me back in my kitchen!”

– Mamie McDonald
Skin Specialist and Celebrity Facialist

“Thank you so much for the love and generosity you gave me. You filled my heart with hope and strength. God has made you a messenger on earth and I am blessed to have been graced by your company. Thank you again and know how grateful I was that day.
You brought light to darkness.”

– Ruth Cooper

“She is becoming one of my most favorite speakers in the world – [favorite] women of all time.”

– Dr. Gaylena White

“I met Bianca at a women’s conference and instantly connected with her, in a heartfelt way. I was so touched by her openness and her presence. As I got to know her, I got to experience her profound and sincere desire to help other women find their truth and their voice. I know that if you are to be part of any of the work that she is doing, you are bound to benefit and receive tools to make your life more connected and successful!!! I know she will add value to everything that you do.”

– Agapi Stassinopoulos | Best Selling Author & Motivational Speaker

“God uses her to draw things out of people.”

– Vicki Kaufman