Hello! My name is Bianca, but feel free to call me B!  I am a wife, a speaker, a writer, and a well-being strategist!  I am an adventurous gluten-free and (mostly) dairy free eater, who feeds a former pro athlete who would rather have his adventures off the plate than on it.  I don’t dance or live off beat – I live in rhythm with the seasons and cycles of God.  I love to be barefoot and I dig healthy living.

I like to say, I make my home in 3 out of the 4 corners of the USA (California, New York City, and Seattle). Born and raised in Orange County, California, I spent my formative years in the sun and sand of local beaches – just to turn into a city girl when I attended college at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. After graduation, I made my way to the land of evergreen trees and fresh seafood when I attended the University of Washington for graduate school.

My adventure continued to the east coast, but this time it wasn’t to study from textbooks. Little did I know, that all my moves to come would be determined by an oblong-shaped pigskin ball.  My new attendance would no longer be within lecture halls but within football stadiums, cheering and supporting my pro football husband. The first stop would be the historical city of Philadelphia (the land of brotherly love). After 8 years, the image of the big red heart faded and morphed into a big red apple when we made our move to New York City. I have been blessed to call some of the greatest cities in America, “home.” Each city and its people have left its mark and have helped to shape my personality, my palate, and my passion.

Over the years I’ve learned to live and respond well in each unique season of life.  Every season of your life calls for a unique approach to sustain overall wellness.  I know this because I have not only studied it, but I’ve lived it!  I left my executive position in healthcare when I came face-to-face with my own health crisis.  Burnout, fatigue, exhaustion, heart palpitations, unexplained infertility, brain fog, and weight gain all produced in my life.  From a far, it appeared as if my tree was flourishing, lush, green and full, but upon closer look I was barren, failing to produce the abundant and fruitful life God had intended.  While I might have appeared to be thriving, the truth was that I was barely surviving.  Like the fig tree, I had to go through a digging and a fertilizing process on all levels – mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, environmentally, and spiritually.  My journey to healing and wholeness was a journey to health, wellness, self-discovery, and purpose. What resulted was a new found lifestyle of fruitfulness and abundance – a life made whole.  Now, as a Wellgineer ™ I engineer cultures of well-being, unlock the potentials of people and organizations, and build infrastructures and systems that create sustainable transformation, productivity, impact, and thriving.

“When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can’t produce a thing.” (John 15:5-8 MSG)

Produced by the Hands that Have Been in the Soil

Bachelor of Science Public Policy & Management, emphasis on Health Policy (University of Southern California), Master of Health Administration (University of Washington), Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, specializing in Hormonal Health

Attended the Natural Gourmet Institute of Health (New York) for training in health supportive cooking

Trained by the nation’s top food media trainer, Lou Ekus of AirTyme Corporation