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Do You See the World in Rose-Colored Glasses?

Have you ever heard of the saying, “you see the world in rose-colored glasses?”

It means that you view things through a positive lens, and sometimes people reference this in contexts to infer that you might be seeing something better than it really is.

When you do put on a pair of glasses with a rose tint, it gives your environment a rosy glow. I can’t help but look at everything surrounding me with a newfound focus and a pleasant curiosity. Everything looks new again like I am seeing it for the first time.

Know the feeling?

It’s nice to have a fun and uplifting shift in perspective, and that is exactly what Color Therapy Glasses provide! Color therapy is an extension of Chromatherapy, which uses light wavelengths to create different states in our mood and body based on color.

The importance of color is noted in many professional industries, from interior design to branding; they preach how color can trigger certain emotions, tones, and feelings. Even our nation’s top scientists at NASA share about the importance of color in our lives and in marketing.

“Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways,” said Oscar Wilde.

We all have our favorite colors, but have you ever stopped and considered why a certain color is your favorite? If it’s green, might it be the reminder of all the different shades of green in lush nature scenes? Is it yellow — does it remind you of big sunflowers bursting open in the summer sun? Perhaps you are drawn to the color green because of its ability to open the heart and make you more receptive to love?  Or perhaps unconciously you choose yellow during a time that you need to be uplifted or strengthened in your willpower.  Color has such a powerful effect on the soul and the mind.

It is no doubt that color plays an essential role in our lives!

Color Therapy Glasses

Color therapy glasses are shaded with different hues that can uplift our spirits, relax the mind, or energize the body.

How It Works

Colors connect and induce specific emotional states naturally in your brain. Cool, right?

Your hypothalamus controls and regulates your emotions by regulating your hormones. Every color carries a different frequency in the spectrum of light, and the brain is trained to respond to these stimuli on a daily basis.

An article published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information claims, “Chromotherapy is a narrow band in the cosmic electromagnetic energy spectrum, known to humankind as the visible color spectrum. It is composed of reds, greens, blues and their combined derivatives, producing the perceivable colors that fall between the ultraviolet and the infrared ranges of energy or vibrations. These visual colors with their unique wavelength and oscillations, when combined with a light source and selectively applied to impaired organs or life systems, provide the necessary healing energy required by the body.”

Colors can stimulate physical and mental responses, altering and enhancing our mood and energy levels!

How to Use Them:

Simple: order a pair in your favorite color(s), and put them on! Depending on the brand and shade, some companies recommend leaving them on for at least 20 minutes to start feeling the effects of the hue. Please note that it is not safe to drive wearing color therapy glasses as it may change the color of important traffic signals!

How Will it Benefit Me:

What are the benefits of Color Therapy Glasses?

Brighter colors like red, orange, or yellow will help you feel more energized and awake, while darker colors like blue and purple can help you relax.

Here’s a Breakdown of Each Color and What it Supports:

  • Red gives you a burst of energy and helps to generate feelings of passion and desire.
  • Orange generates a sense of playfulness and harmony in groups and social situations.
  • Yellow brings positivity, uplifting and inspirational energy to the task at hand.
  • Green assists you in feeling connected with your heart and the environment around you.
  • Blue is great for relaxation and increasing peaceful thoughts.
  • Purple aids in meditation and prayer, helps your mind to become silent and still.
  • Pink is able to reduce anger or frustration and create joy.

Some of my favorite colors to wear are yellow, orange, purple, and blue! I recently purchased a few colors from the company Rainbow Optx and loved them!

Want to try a pair? Go and check out my Instagram page here and join in my Giveaway this week for a chance to win a pair of color therapy glasses!

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