Mind, Body, Soil

A Time for Rest, Renewal, Restoration and Union Awareness

Weekly Wellness Sabbatical

In today’s modern world, we find ourselves constantly being inundated with an incredible amount of information, noise, and disconnection. We are constantly distracted and as a result removed from our deeper awareness of ourselves in Christ that flows and moves within the transcendent and present state of being. This practice is designed to facilitate a process of reconnection and re-awareness of our Oneness to the movement of Life that restores and transforms our being.

Are you wanting to learn and experience Christo-centric spiritual practices? Are you looking to transform your mind and your being in a deeper way? Mind, Body, Soil is a contemplation and meditation practice that digs deeply into Jewish and Christian transformative practices both for the soul and body, with the goal of attuning it to the life-giving Spirit.

Come and discover the activity of learning, transforming, and becoming through Christian meditation and contemplation practices. We will make use of mind-body protocols that combine, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and tapping, declarations, imaginal exercises, breathwork, and inner healing prayer to help you to find greater breakthroughs in mental and spiritual health.

Insight Into The Process

By engaging the body in the healing process through tapping and holding acupressure points we release emotions that have been physically stored. And by focusing on specific thoughts and emotions we displace lies that have kept us stuck in faulty patterns that fall short of the abundance of health God desires for us.

Meridian lines are the system of pathway in the body by which energy flows. Energy meaning: electrical, physical scientific energy. It is the system that acupuncturists, chiropractors, and energy psychology practitioners use to alleviate physical and emotional symptoms. These are not the same as chakras or “energy” systems used by reiki practitioners or other spiritual healers. When we experience trauma, our bodies store an energetic signature of the emotions we feel within the meridian system. When these blockages are not dealt with, we continue to have the same symptoms over and over. Thus we need the same chiropractic adjustments over and over or feel stuck in our emotional responses.

Researchers have shown through energetically-charged photo luminescent material injected at acupuncture points, that there is a flow to energy in the human body. And the wavelike patterns of that flow follows the meridian line charts used in acupuncture and chiropractic work. Other research has found physical evidence of a previously unrecognized primovascular system which follows the meridian line charts as well.

The Observer Effect

We don’t fully understand yet why the emotional blocks clear with focused thought and touch. But what we do know from quantum physics is that our thoughts have weight and the very presence of our observance or focused thought changes the outcomes.

“For as a man thinks within his heart, so he is.” – Proverbs 23:7
Laying Hands

We already know from scripture that there is healing power in the laying on of hands. But research also shows that the palms have a positive charge that may counteract the negative charge to disease and negative emotions.

Focused Thought and Touch

From both scripture and science we have evidence to support the power of focused thought and touch for healing. All we are doing with Mind Body Soil Meditations and Contemplations is combining methods to engage the body, soul/mind, and spirit in the restoration process.

Through these meditations and contemplations you will discover that through feeling, one can reintegrate their body, soul, relationships, and external world around them to a place of unity with the Spirit. This occurs through a metamorphosis of being by attuning oneself to the living mind of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Through these practices, one will gain new experiences and insights into the ever-flowing Spiritual life in Christ. These transformations lead to an embodied peace in all areas of one’s life.

The Structure Of The Practice

This practicum not only looks to aid the participators in the guidance of ancient Jewish and Christian spiritual practices but will also create a space for rest, renewal, novel experiences, revelation, and transformations in Christ. This is not a practices built around hearing the instructor’s experiences and stories. Instead, this practices invites you into the transformative process itself. It is an invitation into an awareness and embodied reality of our oneness with the Holy Spirit.

Group meditation and contemplation practice via ZOOM, every Saturday from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST.

All previous video sessions will be accessible via recording. One can watch the recordings at any time, any place.

Subscription based mediation program $100.00/month ($25.00 per week)

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